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NEW WORKS FROM “CARPINTERIA TOYO”. INTEGRAL REMODELLING IN BATHROOM. In this work, we have removed the bathtub and sink, cleaning up the old facilities of plumbing and relocating electrical installations. Plumbing was changed all over the villa, because when we removed the bathroom floor we detected that the existing pipes were in a very advanced deterioration and we chose to drive the water out of the villa around the house and thus to enter the kitchen, second bathroom, laundry and swimming pool. We smoothed the walls facing the outside with insulator-thermal plate for moisture and then lining the walls and ceiling with plasterboard (the roof was done in two heights to separate the shower area). The shower was placed from side to side of wall at the tiled ground-level. We have tiled walls of the shower area and the rest with paint finish smooth matt white, separating with a transparent glass partition in order to create two environments, both with decorative painting matt gray we have outshined the roof of the shower. The wooden window has been changed by a matt stainless aluminum window and in the door bathroom we have placed new moldings following the same line as the wood of the floor socket after painting door, mouldings and base all with white lacquer finishes. Manufacture and placement of melanin white oak two-door wardrobe, washbasin furniture matching cupboard and a mirror.                                                                              ...
COURSE of products SIKA for rehabilitation and remodeling of buildings

COURSE of products SIKA for rehabilitation and remodeling of buildings

The SIKA company specialized in materials and products for the construction, has offered a course in Menorca dedicated to remodeling of buildings. CARPINTERIA TOYO S.L., attended the course, taught by the “SIKA” House. Currently, CARPINTERIA TOYO S.L. uses the latest techniques of construction and materials in Menorca to solve all our client’s problems in the rehabilitation, repair of the damaged areas of the structure, building and renoval of interiors, treatments anti-moisture, insulation proofing, microcement. .....